Female Instructor Driving Lessons

It’s a fact that the thought of taking driving lessons is scary for many people. When you look at how crowded our British roads are today, learning to be out there among all those millions of other drivers seems to be a daunting task, yet at the same time we know we have to do it. It is either that, or put up with the endless constraints of public transport with trains that don’t run on time, buses that come along in three’s, or taxis that cost an arm and a leg.

Why People Learn With Us

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Learning to drive gives you FREEDOM. It means that you can go where you want to when you want to, rather than being dependent on a bus or train which may, or may not, show up on time – if at all. If you want to get your weekly shop from a supermarket out of town you can do so in comfort and bring everything home in the boot of your car, rather than struggling on to a bus with armloads of shopping and perhaps walking half a mile home from the nearest bus stop.

Yet the thought of learning how to drive a car can worry many female learners. They tend to worry that a male instructor may bark at them if they get something wrong (which is going to happen anyway because we all make mistakes when we’re learning) which in turn makes them even more nervous about the whole prospect of taking driving lessons.


Female Instructors Available

This is why The UK Driving Centre has female instructors available for learner drivers – of either sex – who may simply feel more comfortable and confident learning from a woman rather than a man. Society has female teachers in all other areas of learning, from anthropology to computer science to cooking, so why not female driving instructors?

Our female driving instructors have exactly the same qualifications as our male instructors: there is no difference between them from the point of view of expertise, as our male instructors would be the first to admit.

It is just a fact that driving somehow seems to be associated with men (how many female Formula 1 drivers do you know?) when women are just as competent. For thousands of years cooking is an art that has been associated with women, yet today many of the Michelin Star rated chefs are male.


A Choice

So at The UK Driving Centre we offer you the choice, which is the way we believe it should be. You can have a male or female driving instructor according to your own preference. If you feel more comfortable with a female instructor that’s fine, even if you happen to be male. Barring illness or holidays we will see to it that you have the instructor of your choice for the whole of your driving lessons course.

It’s also fine if you take a lesson with an instructor and find that you do not feel comfortable with them. They won’t take offence if you prefer to change instructors: we are all different and have our likes and dislikes and we understand that completely.

So male or female – the choice is yours.