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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q – How old do I have to be to start my learning?

You can apply for your provisional driving license from the age of 16. You have to be at least 17 years old to drive a car on public roads / start your learning. The driving age for moped and (in some cases) disabled driver is 16.


Q – Can I start my lessons before passing my theory test?

Yes. In fact it is recommended that you engage in your theory learning and practical lessons together because the more you surround yourself with all the elements of learning to drive, the higher the chances of effective learning.

In the case of intensive driving courses, it is recommended you book your course dates 1 month+ in advance. This gives you time to pre-study for your theory test using the free theory test training tools we provide.


Q – Which course / option should I choose?

We have course options to suit all levels of driving experience – from complete beginner to people who may have taken lessons in the past, but never got round to taking their test. 

The important point when deciding which course to choose is that you give yourself plenty of time to become comfortable with driving. The process of learning includes (1) taking on new information (rules of the road, driving techniques etc) and (2) practice – becoming comfortable with the sights / sounds / process of safe driving.

Don’t just choose the cheapest course, but instead get the balance between the “Number of hours learning Vs the Cost” right for your own circumstances (Eg; your confidence and levels of previous driving experience). If you need any further help or advice on which course is right for you, contact us via email or telephone and our team can talk you through the options.


Q – Am I expected to have previous driving experience?

No – we offer a complete range of courses / learning options to cater for all levels of skill & experience.

For beginners – If you want to learn quickly, choose an Intensive driving course. If you want to learn at a more moderate and flexible pace, choose a Semi-Intensive or Weekly Lesson package.

For those with some experience – If you have plenty of experience we have a range of Short / Refresher Courses available. If you’d prefer a little more time learning our Intensive or Semi-Intensive courses can be a great way to get back on the road – in as little as 1 to 3 weeks.


Q – What documents do I need to bring for my driving test?

On test day you must bring along your paper license (if you have one) and your photocard license. If you have mislaid your licence or your certificate, you should contact the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency on 0300 790 6801 as far as possible in advance of your test appointment. Replacement driving licences can take two weeks or more to arrive.


Q – Can I bring a friend / family member along on the day of my test?

You can have 1 person in the car with you on test day. This could be a friend / family member or your instructor. The other person must not assist or interfere with your driving in anyway. as per the test rules. Your instructor can answer any / all questions you have about what to expect on test day. 


Q – Can I use my own car for my test?

You can use any roadworthy car provided you are insured to drive it. Our advice would be to use the same car in which you completed your learning / driving course (your instructors car), because you will be familiar with the controls and setup of the car. The more comfortable and relaxed you are on test day, the more likely it is that you will be able to focus on performing / driving well.


Q – Can I change the date of my practical test?

Yes the date of your test can be changed. It’s important that we / you give your test centre more than 3 days notice if you wish to cancel / change your test day – otherwise you will lose your test fee.

To change your test date arrangements you will need to provide – (1) the number of your provisional licence, (2) the number of your theory test pass certificate, and (3) your practical test reference number.


Q – Where do I take my theory test?

There are regional test centres in most towns / cities around the UK. If you order a Theory Test along with one of our driving courses we will inform you of your nearing test centre after we receive your booking.


Q – What is Pass Plus?

Pass Plus provides additional training for driving in environments such as motorways and on country lanes. These environments are very different from your average road, and can prove dangerous and frightening to people who’ve had no experience driving in them. With Pass Plus, you learn how to tackle these types of situations with the full support of your instructor. It all adds to your confidence and ability to drive safely for life.

Some insurance companies participate in the “Pass Plus” scheme and offer you discounted insurance if you have passed your Pass Plus course. However, Pass Plus is completely optional and is an addition (not a requirement) to obtaining your full UK driving license.

I have a different question, can you help?

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