How To Book Your Course

Book your driving course by calling us on 01262 650 181 or by using our online booking forms. Every course option comes with Free Theory Test training and our complete support.

  • Select which course you’d prefer – View Options
  • Book online or by telephone – 01262 650 181
  • Study for and pass your theory test – Free Training
  • Complete your course or lessons
  • Pass your (practical) driving test

What Happens After I Book?

After we receive your booking we will arrange for your local DVSA certified instructor to contact you and arrange a convenient pickup time and location for the start of your driving course.


Your Theory Test

If you have already passed your theory test, we will immediately arrange for your driving test to be booked for the last day of your course / lessons. If you’ve not yet passed your theory test, you will receive login details for our Free Theory Training and we will arrange a test date for you, at your nearest theory test centre.

Web and Mobile Access

After you book your course you will receive login details to access the online Theory Test training website. You can also download the training app for Android / Apple mobile phones.

  • Free Theory Test Training
  • Multiple Choice – Included
  • Hazard Perception Test – Included
  • Access Online
  • Download Mobile Apps

Book Your Driving Course


Your Driving Course / Lessons

Your instructor will pick you up from home or work, whichever you prefer – and will teach you how to drive. A typical driving course will begin with you gaining an understanding of the controls and instruments of the vehicle; teach you how to drive away from a parked position in safety; the use of mirrors; how to use the gears, clutch, and brakes; and get you to a point where you are reasonably confident driving on a quiet back road.

Once you have got a grasp of the basic controls and movements the instructor will progress on to teaching you a hill start, what to do at crossroads and roundabouts, (including correct signalling on a roundabout dependent on which exit you are going to use), T-junctions, and difficult turns.

Next you will begin to focus on the manoeuvres that feature prominently in the driving test such as reversing around a corner, reverse parking, parking in a bay, handling pedestrian crossings, and a three point turn in the road.

After this you will be taught how to drive on dual carriageways, how to overtake, how to brake in an emergency, and you will be required to drive independently without instructions from the instructor. You will spend several hours working on enhancing your skills, and going over any points on which the instructor may consider that need improving.

The last hour of your course will be reserved for your test, by which time you will have learned and polished up your performance for the big moment.


Your Driving Test

Having gone through all of the necessary training with your instructor, when it comes to the day of your test you should feel ready and be confident of a pass. If you want to bring a friend or a family member along for support you can do so. Your test will last aprx 60 minutes, after which you will have hopefully obtained your UK driving license.


Frequently Asked Questions

For more information about passing your test and our driving courses, read our “Frequently Asked Questions” – by clicking here. For any further help or to book your course, call us on 01262 650 181.