UK Provisional License Application Pack

Before you can begin to learn to drive you must have a provisional driving licence. Complete this form to request a free provisional license application pack. Please enter your / the learners information.


  • Your pack will be sent by post and usually arrives within 7 to 10 days.


Age Requirements

You can begin to drive a car at age 17. However, if you have a disability and you either get, or have applied for, the enhanced rate of the mobility component of the Personal Independence Payment (also known as PIP) you can begin to drive at age 16. You can also apply for a provisional licence to ride a moped or quad bike at age 16.


You Must Be A Resident Of Great Britain

In order to obtain your provisional licence you must be a resident of Great Britain. You also have to meet the minimum age requirement which means that if you have PIP you can make your application for a provisional licence to drive a car at 15 years and 9 months.

You need to provide the address or addresses at which you have lived for the last three years and you must also have a valid UK passport or other accepted form of identity.


Minimum Eyesight Requirement

In addition you must meet the minimum eyesight requirement. This means that you have to be able to read a car number plate made after September 1st 2001 from a distance of 20 metres. If you wear glasses or contact lenses it is perfectly acceptable, but you must always use them when you drive. If you only have sight in one eye this is acceptable provided you can meet the minimum standard. Being short or long-sighted or colour blind is also acceptable.

When you apply for your provisional licence you must not be legally prevented from driving for any reason. You also need to provide your National Insurance number if known.

Finally, you need to pay the fee which is £34 if applying online. You can pay by Visa, Mastercard, Electron, Delta, or Maestro debit or credit cards. If you are applying by post the fee is £43.

When you apply online you agree that the DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licencing Agency) can check your personal details including your National Insurance number. The DVLA will also check your personal details with HMRC (HM Revenue & Customs) and the DWP (Department for Work & Pensions).

When applying online you will receive a confirmation email from the DVLA and you may be asked to undertake research by email, but you do not have to do this: it will not affect your application.


When Will I Receive My License?

You should receive your provisional driving licence in about a week when applying online.

If you are applying by post you need a D1 application form from a post office or from the DVLA form ordering service. You must include original documents confirming your identity and also a colour passport-type photograph. Postal applications take approximately three weeks.