Semi-Intensive Driving Course

Semi-Intensive driving courses spread your lessons & learning over a period of 2 to 3 weeks. For this reason, some people choose this course (instead of the 1 week pass) due to its added flexibility and slower pace of learning.


30 Hour Course – £895

£385 Deposit – Pass in 2 to 3 Weeks – Free Theory Training

30 Hours – Semi-Intensive Course. The cost includes your driving test fee. We recommend you have at least some driving experience when purchasing this course. Pay deposit to book.

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36 Hour Course

36 Hour Course – £1057

£445 Deposit – Pass in 2 to 3 Weeks – Free Theory Training

36 Hours – The cost also includes your driving test fee. Perfect for those who want a little more time than the 30 hour course offers. The extra 6 hours help you build confidence and pass your test.

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42 Hour Course

42 Hour Course – £1219

£505 Deposit – Pass in 2 to 3 Weeks – Free Theory Training

42 Hours – The cost also includes your driving test fee. This is the perfect option for complete beginners and includes plenty of time to help you master your driving. Pay deposit to book.

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Why Choose a Semi-Intensive Course?

A semi-intensive course will actually have a very similar number of lessons to an intensive course, but is spread out over a longer time period. An intensive course will consist of around 30 hours of lessons spread out over the course of a week, or at most ten days. This is a week of solid concentration to the exclusion of all else.

A semi-intensive course will also consist of about 30 hours of lessons, but they will be spread over two to ten weeks. Many people who want to pass their driving test quickly will find the semi-intensive course less demanding, but they can still achieve their goal in a relatively short period. Bear in mind that recent government figures show that the average learner driver has 52 hours of lessons and typically takes 14 months to pass the test.


Pass In Just 2 to 3 Weeks

However, with a semi-intensive course you know that you will be ready for the test in just a few short weeks. Indeed, the test is usually booked before you start a semi-intensive course (provided you have passed the theory test, of course) so you will have a short term goal to aim for and you will keep at it.

Why People Learn With Us

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Quicker Learning = Less Cost

With either an intensive course or a semi-intensive course the learning curve can be cut down to around 30 hours of lessons which has the obvious benefit of a considerable cost-saving. You pay the same rate per hour on an intensive or semi-intensive course as you do on weekly lessons, but you will get to test-ready status far sooner.

Many people wonder why that should be the case, and there are a number of reasons, not the least of which is the human memory. If you are having weekly lessons you may very often find that you have forgotten something that you learned a week ago, whereas if you learned it a couple of days ago it is much fresher in your mind and easier to recall.

Next, you actually get more “hands on” tuition with a semi-intensive course because time is saved at the beginning of the lesson. If you are having weekly lessons your instructor will go over what you covered in your previous lesson which takes a few minutes out of your hour. It may also take you longer to recall something.

When you have semi-intensive lessons the same thing happens, but you will remember things more quickly. When you are having a lesson that is two or three hours long, the same ten minutes or so at the beginning of the lesson is a much smaller percentage of the total lesson time so you are spending more time at the wheel.


The Same Applies To the Instructor

This also applies to the instructor’s memory. Even though he has all his notes, it may take him longer to recall something you did or didn’t do a week ago than if it was yesterday or the day before. Furthermore, in the ensuing week he has had perhaps 40 or 50 other students and he has to remember who did what.

Then there is the simple fact that most students tend to “ease off” as the lesson comes towards its’ end. So in a weekly lesson of one hour as much as 20 minutes could be “lost”. The same applies to a two or three hour lesson, but the percentage of time is much less.


Fit Around Your Lifestyle

Of course, one of the other big advantages of a semi-intensive course is that it can be designed to fit around your lifestyle. You may be at uni or doing an apprenticeship, so you simply can’t take a week or ten days off to do an intensive course, but you still want to get your driving licence as quickly as possible. A semi-intensive course is perfect because you can do a couple of hours in the early evening, perhaps another three at the weekend, and so on. This way the number of hours you get behind the wheel really builds up very quickly, getting you to test-ready in a far shorter timescale than having weekly lessons.

A semi-intensive course is also much more likely to be completed by students than a course of weekly lessons. It’s a fact that quite a high percentage of students taking weekly lessons become bored, or for one reason or another discontinue lessons before they are ready for the test. Even if they take up lessons again later on, they will have forgotten a lot of things and have to learn them all over again.